Collection: Soothie Suit (Special Needs) 12kg+

The “Soothie Suit” Special Edition Woombie was created for our customers in need of a soothing swaddling product larger than our MEGA sized Convertible Leggies.

This product is used and recommended for use during supervised therapy sessions to quiet movements, relax the mind/body and provide a gentle comfortable hugging feeling through swaddling.  

This specific design will fit a child approximately 12-18kg + and is approx 83cm in length. We sell a smaller version on the Convertible Leggies page.

It is recommended that you consult with your child’s Physician prior to using this product to ensure its necessity as well as preference over a typical weighted baby blanket.

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  • Woombie Convertible Leggies - Mod Circles 11-18kg
    Woombie Convertible Leggies - Mod Circles 11-18kg
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