Season Guide

Woombie swaddles are designed with the swaddle effect in mind.  Designed to fit snuggly with Bebeflex 4-way stretch fabric which allows repositioning, self soothing, hand holding & Colic ease

Patented "Hands over Heart" design mimics touch and calms the nervous system.

 Due to the swaddling effect being of major importance, to make the 


A tog is a measurement of thermal resistance, which is used mainly in the textile industry. With the tog rating system, they aimed to offer an easy, consumer friendly way to describe how much insulation and warmth a fabric would provide. The name comes from the informal word ‘togs’ for clothing, derived from the word ‘toga’, a Roman garment. 

A number of factors determine the tog rating of the baby sleep bag that should be used. These include the number of clothes your baby is wearing, the temperature of their bedroom and your baby's health. Please see our table below to see the recommended dressing and ideal temperature for your nursery to accompany each one of the tog rated swaddles. 

TOG Rating Recommended Nursery
Temperature °C
0.2 23+
1.0 20 - 26
2 18 - 28
    • 0.2 Tog Summer Convertible, True Air
    • 0.5 Tog Air, Convertible Air
    • 1.0 Tog Original, Convertible, Organic, Grow with Me
    • 2.0 Tog Ultra Sleepers and Winter