Grow With Me Air Birth - 12M+


The Grow With Me Air  Woombie® ... One Size Really Does Fit All!

The Woombie Grow With Me Air the world's only swaddle to fit baby from birth to 18 months (age is approximate for fitted Sleep sack)  It has an Organic Mesh Lower panel which allows increased airflow while swaddling during warm months.  Simply unzip the swaddle to increase sizing to the next size.  Unclip at arms to allow arms free sleeping.  No matter what stage your baby is up to for Sleep the Grow with Me has it covered. 


About Woombie:
  • Ergonomically shaped design allows a more natural approach to swaddling Eases transition from Womb to World
  • Easy to use- 1 step swaddle, no origami required
  • Will not unravel as a blanket can
  • Encourages back sleeping (babies are more likely to maintain on their backs in swaddles)
  • Gently cocoons baby’s arms & keeps hands away from face
  • Promotes self soothing by allowing baby to hold/touch his hands inside the swaddle
  • Hip & shoulder friendly design
  • Stretchy but snug swaddling fabric simulates the feeling of being held, touched & cuddled
  • Narrowed waistline gently compresses the tummy, providing tummy comfort
  • Fabric snuggles & moves “with” baby, mimicking the womb-like environment
  • Allows natural arm & leg movement during swaddling while asleep/less restriction
  • Lightweight & breathable swaddling fabric helps to promote airflow
  • Two-way zipper allows for easy nappy changes at night
  • Seamless interior provides more safety & comfort

The Woombie ... It is a one-step self-soothing swaddle with over 20 awards for design and innovation. Fabric is light and breathable, ergonomically shaped with a ‘hip healthy’ design. Mild compression mimics the sensation of touch and an arms-free interior allows for self-soothing in the Hands Over Heart™ recommended sleep position. One step swaddling with multi-dimensional stretch and 2-way zipper to prevent unraveling throughout the night.The perfect stretch for baby’s needs. Cotton/Spandex blend. Dress baby accordingly underneath depending upon season and nursery temperature. Patented Design.