How can my baby get used to the Woombie when he has been using a tight wrap from birth?

To get baby used to the Woombie vs. tight swaddlers, you can either start using the Woombie first at naptime. You may also use the tight wrap over the Woombie, and once asleep, you may release the top swaddle wrap and leave baby in woombie alone. Remember you do not want to over-heat the baby, so do not leave them in both wraps for the night! Remember that like adults, babies are a creature of habit. Changes in an important routine like sleep time can be upsetting to them. Don't be discouraged if they are resistant for a few nights. Move forward, offering more freedom during sleep vs. backwards to a more restrictive wrap.

I have been using a different swaddler, but it seems too tight for the baby. Can i switch to the Woombie, since he is already used to a tight swaddle?
Yes! You can switch at any time, but please remember that babies get used to certain patterns and comforts. Remember, it is best to start using The Woombie from birth, however, in certain circumstances you may need to switch at a later time. Switching from a tight swaddle to our concept may take baby time to adjust, but give it time. Babies who have been used to being tight swaddled for many months and then switch over to a new type of swaddler will be confused at first by the change, possibly even upset. Try the Woombie during Nap time first to introduce it! The benefits are wonderful!