Tips on Swaddling

  • Tip #1: The best time to swaddle a baby is when he/she is calm…. Waiting until baby is over-tired and already fussy may make him feel worse and unable to “settle”.
  • Tip #2: In the Winter, Put baby into warm PJ’s first and then into the Woombie. An extra light blanket may be used on top of the Woombie if cold… use your judgment while remembering that overheating may be linked to SIDS. In Summertime, just a Onesie or diaper alone is needed.
  • Tip #3: Please give baby a chance to get used to a new swaddling method! If baby has been in a tight restraint swaddle from birth, he/she may be confused by the change! Give baby time to adapt. The Woombie allows for stretch, which is a good thing, and will assist in baby’s important Motor Development!
  • Tip #4: The Woombie may appear smaller than baby, but that is part of the Woombie concept. The stretch fabric does in fact stretch to mold to your baby’s unique physique!
  • Tip #5: Always position baby safely per Paediatrician recommendations to prevent rolling when using all swaddlers.
  • Tip #6: If there are a few extra inches at the foot end, you may tie the toe area with a small sash or in a knot to decrease the overall length.
  • Tip #7: If the collar area appears a bit snug, give it a good stretch. It is made of 100% Cotton fibres and can be stretched larger like a Tee shirt can. Also you can unzip the zipper 1 inch which will open the neck area by 1-2 inches.
  • Tip #8: Using white noise in the nursery may help to promote a more peaceful sleep. Using a fan also will recirculate stagnant air. Do not point the fan at the baby, but place it near the crib pointing in the opposite direction.