What if my baby rolls on his belly?

Rolling is usually a sign that it is time to stop swaddling. Please ask your Paediatrician for advise. Some babies who are rolling however may still need swaddling. Top Paediatricians recommend using “white noise” in the nursery to promote a deeper sleep and lessen the occurrence of rolling. It is important to always position baby per Paediatrician guidelines. BACK SLEEPING is the only recommended sleep position . Tight swaddling can limit upper body mobility when baby is belly down. The Woombie does allow for more freedom of upper body due to its stretchy fabric, hence increasing mobility in the torso area- unlike traditional swaddling where arms are “pinned” to the sides. However, we do not recommend swaddling a rolling baby. If your baby does begin to roll, ask your Paediatrician for advice on whether or not swaddling with the Woombie should be continued. Your Paediatrician will advise you best.